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The Soul Exchange is a Swedish melodic metal band that mixes Classic Hard Rock with a contemporary Metal sound. They have taken influences from the 70’s Hard Rock scene and created their own style of Metal infused, guitar driven hard rock, with great attention to the melodies and grand vocal arrangements. The lyrics deals mostly with subjects from the darker side of life such as insanity and evil in various forms.

The Soul Exchange started as a solo-project by guitarist and songwriter Hans von Bell but as he contacted different musicians to play with him on the solo-album things started to develop. One of the songs for the solo-album had the title "The Soul Exchange". As vocalist Daniel John joined forces and guitarist Thomas von Bell came in to play things moved from being a solo thing to become more of a team effort and once bassist Patrik Ekelöf and drummer Benny White hooked on the project it evolved into a band, and thus The Soul Exchange was born.

The band hit the recording studio in 2016 and released the debut album "Bloodbound" on the American label Mervilton Records in March 2017. (Since Mervilton Records ceased to exist in July 2018 the debut album "Bloodbound" is currently not on the market, hopefully the album will be re-released but for now it can only be ordered directly from the band on the official website). The formula for The Soul Exchange was born from bandmembers with a past in Classic Hard Rock and others in various forms of Doom and different forms of Metal. The lyrics usually has a dark twist, for instance the song "City Of The Ripper" from the debut album which is written from Jack The Rippers point-of-view only now he is working as a guide in London, a city that he most sincerely welcomes the listener to come join him in...

In the summer of 2017 The Soul Exchange moved to the German record label Pride & Joy Music. A five track EP was recorded and this EP - "Vow Of Seth" - was released both digitally and physically on Pride & Joy Music in December 2017. The same formula was used this time and the songs are written from the Egyptian god Seth´s point-of-view. Seth was one of the gods who met Pharaoh after death and lead him through the Underworld. Seth was also known as the God of Chaos and the title Vow Of Seth thus gives the listener a hint that things might not be as nice as they might appear ...

The band did not take a break from writing music or recording and just kept going after sending the master tape for the EP off to the record label. This resulted in a 2nd full length album titled "Edge Of Sanity" which was released on the same German label, Pride & Joy Music, in June 2018.

"Edge Of Sanity" of course follows the path of its predecessors. It is not a theme album per say, but lyrically all songs have a common theme with lyrics that are metaphorical and treats the darker sides of the human psyche. Sonically "Edge Of Sanity" is a bit harder but the trademark vocal arrangements and big choruses are still in place as well as the musical formula on the borderline between rock and metal.

The Soul Exchange is situated in Stockholm, Sweden.

Band members

Hans von Bell, guitarist: Hans von Bell is the guitarist, principal songwriter and founding member of The Soul Exchange. Hans grew up listening to 70's hard rock, such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Rush and others. Hans commenced his musical career at the age of 13, playing in local bands in the southern suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden, before joining his most successful and long lived outfit called "Crew" alongside Mats "Limpan" Lindfors and session guitarist Kent Kroon in the early 80's. Hans's career spans over many musical genres but hard rock, blues and metal have always been closest to his heart. Before forming The Soul Exchange, Hans became a full time musician a few years ago, playing in various bands in Sweden, both cover bands, as well as more serious efforts with original music, touring both in Sweden and South East Asia. Hans also takes influences from contemporary music in his songwriting and mixes it with his 70's hard rock background, he says "My aim is to take all that experience and influences into my songwriting and bring that to The Soul Exchange".
  Daniel John, vocals: Daniel John started to play gigs at the local pub of his hometown, Hyltebruk, at age 14 and has been playing ever since. Being autodidact in every aspect of music and also being adept in wielding relative precise pitch, harmonizing came natural to him. At age 22 he moved to Stockholm from The little town of Hyltebruk in the county of Halland, Sweden. After settling, Daniel began getting session-gigs and started building backing vocals and harmonies for various artists. Later on, he also became a tour-musician, playing alongside most of the artists he's been working for in various studios. Some 5 years later he released his first solo album and went on a small tour throughout Sweden. Ever since, he has continued to write music for himself and others.
  Patrik Ekelöf, bassist:

Patrik Ekelöf's musical journey started when he joined the, by now legendary, hard rock band "Blacksmith". When Patrik was only at the age of 16, "Blacksmith" released the album "Gipsy Queen" and made a tour throughout Sweden and Denmark. Patrik has continued playing music ever since. Continuing his quest for skills, at the age of 24, he moved to Los Angeles, California, to study bass guitar at the Musician Institute. A few years later he moved back to Sweden to study at the "Conservatory of Music" in Stockholm. In recent years Patrik has been playing with a large number of artists and has done several studio session jobs as a semi professional musician.
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